Welcome to Ground Up Photography

Ground Up Photography is based out of Whittier, California. 
Known for there renowned digital portraits and illustrious custom creative style.
With a nostalgic, heirloom, raw and free yet structured feel to images 
Ground Up Photography loves to document the beauty found in everything and everyone,
and in doing so captures honest real whole-hearted emotion, and genuine love in the process from
hysterical laughs and even first cry’s; w
hile evoking emotions as real life elopes into
creative works of art, with each and every client.

Ground Up Photography believes in celebrating and documenting all
moments both big & small; from a surprise proposal, beautiful wedding, childbirth,
all the way to a first haircut and first lost tooth; Just about all life’s fleeting
moments you just don't want to forget and can't live without.

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Ground Up Photography

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